I’ve always enjoyed working on open source software. Almost all my contributions to date have been within the scientific Python ecosystem. Below is a list of packages I’ve worked on over the years.


This is where I cut my teeth in open source. I filed my first feature request in April 2016, opened my first pull request in May 2016, and became a maintainer in Jan 2017.

Since then I’ve done a wide range of fixing bugs, triaging issues, adding new features, and improving documentation, and am one of Matplotlib’s ~5-10 current active maintainers.

More recently I have taken on freelance work to add new features to the interactive widgets. If there are larger features you’re interested in seeing added, I’m currently open to taking on small freelance projects.


I started contributing to sunpy in Nov 2017, became a maintainer shortly after that, and helped see sunpy through from the transition to the fist stable version (v1.0).

I am currently the release manager, and maintain the timeseries and visualisation sub-packages. I’ve previously undertaken major re-writing of the core Map class, added support for reading widely used file formats, and made significant performance improvements.

Smaller projects